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This product is not available at this moment. Last minute tickets for the Eiffel Tower are only available in combination with the bustour. A local touroperator in Paris makes reservations for the Eiffel Tower in advance and combines it with a bustour. This is the only way to get last minute tickets for the Eiffel Tower. Click here for more information!

This towering monument, inaugurated by Gustave Eiffel during the World Fair is a landmark site 324-metres-high. Its graceful metallic structure has dominated the Seine riverbanks and Champ-de-Mars for more than 120 years. At nightfall, it sparkles with lights to mark the change from one hour to the next – an unforgettable sight for those who love Paris. This feat of engineering has been the inspiration for numerous artists, poets, painters, writers and film makers. It is the most visited monument in the world. As well as taking the lift up the three floors, there are also temporary exhibitions to see and the private apartment that the engineer Eiffel had installed there.

An unmissable monument and symbol of the capital, the Eiffel Tower stands 324 m tall, weighing a total of 10,100 tons. Created in 2 years, 2 months and 5 days, it was erected for the World Exhibition in 1889 and celebrated its 120th anniversary in 2009.

It can be ascended by stairs or lifts: there are shops on the 1st floor; on the 2nd floor, you will be tempted by a gourmet meal at the very famous Jules Verne restaurant, at 125 m above ground; lastly, on the 3rd floor, put your head in the clouds and enjoy an exceptional 360° view!

Opening times:

Open 9 am to midnight from June 15th to September 1st; Open 9.30am to 11 pm the rest of the year; Easter weekend and school spring holidays- the tower stays open until midnight.


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Adult Lift
(€ 8.20)
12-24 years Lift
(€ 6.60)
Child (4-11) Lift
(€ 4.10)
Adult Top floor by Lift
12-24 years Top floor by Lift
Child (4-11) Top floor by Lift
(€ 9.30)
Adult Stairs
(€ 4.70)
12-24 years Stairs
(€ 3.70)
Child (4-11) Stairs
(€ 3.20)
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